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Yamaha Jet Boats

Lighter, faster, more responsive, dramatically better on fuel consumption and built to the most exacting standards, Yamaha boats have taken off like a wildfire set to consume the recreational boating market. Slammed with features at price points that are not only competitive but almost criminal for everything you are receiving, it takes very little pondering if your next boat should be a Yamaha.

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Every design decision was made under the tenet of either more power, lighter weight, or better performance. No small luxury has slipped by either, the fit and finish of these boats is top tier. These crafts are hundreds of pounds lighter than comparably sized vessels, and are among the quickest to get up on plane. Combine that power and acceleration with an open seating arrangement, and you can have more friends in a smaller boat.

[ Yamaha boats boast a unique stern swim platform and spacious open seating ]


The Articulating Keel is a simple yet ingenious mechanism that extends the boat’s keel, but moves and tracks in perfect relation to the boat’s jet pump nozzles to provide directional stability and maneuverability.

Steering response is immediate. Straight line tracking at all speeds is effortless. When combined with No Wake Mode and Thrust Directional Enhancer, slow speed maneuverability around docks becomes effortless, significantly reducing the learning curve for new boat owners.

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