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Motocross Motorcycles


Yamaha bikes simply win motocross championships, and Yamaha simply sells motocross ready bikes right off the showroom floor. Available in both two-stroke and four-stroke models the YZ series of motocross bikes are the proven performers in a crowded market full of those who aspire to simply match them.

YZ 85


Who is it for?
The younger rider who needs to know and come to love the sweet sound of a two-stroke motorcycle. With a peppy powerful little 85cc power plant this little bike is ready to build the fundamental skills of any young rider.

YZ 125


Who is it for?
This is a goto bike for any rider, experienced or not that will serve well with a powerful, fun little two-stroke engine. Priced at a perfect little sweet spot, you can grab a few for the family pack and hit the tracks or the trails.

YZ 250


Who is it for?

YZ 250F


Who is it for?
The rider who simply wants one of the most powerful, advanced, best handing 250 four-strokes that has ever hit the market. This bike has been engineered for motocross racing right off the showroom floor!

YZ 450F


Who is it for?
The rider who wants a newly redesigned track hungry 450cc Motocross monster of a machine. Take all the best features of the YZ 250F like Aluminum bilateral beams, incredible mass centralization, race tuned transmission, new EFI engine, and you have a bike bread for maximum performance and power!