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Yamaha Trail Motorcycles


Yamaha has been building and innovating in dirtbike market for a number of decades. Yamaha is often the first to bring the latest developments in motocross racing bikes and integrate them into their off road and dual sport chassis. What you get is Yamaha's legendary reliability, outstanding build quality, and cutting edge performance no matter what bike you choose.


TT R230

Who is it for?
A rider looking for a powerful yet incredibly reliable four stroke dirt bike. Equipped with a rough trail conquering suspension this is great bike for all rider experience levels.


TT R125

Who is it for?
A first time rider, or your entire family! This is a great bike for everyone from big kids to adults. Rides the trails as a group, with very accessible pricing you can afford to get a few of them!



Who is it for?



Who is it for?


PW 50

Who is it for?
This is a simple fun, safe bike for the youngest of children. With an adjustable throttle limiter and a shaft drive, their is no chain to catch a loose foot, or uncontrollable speeds.